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The Search for Perfection....

The Townson 32 - A Modern Classic Design.

In his “search for perfection” in yacht design, Des Townson designed a 32 foot keeler which he named “Moonlight”. Quickly following on with the concept, Des designed and built “Starlight” before making modifications to produce his ultimate in the 32’s, “Twilight” in 1971. 72 others followed in the ensuing years.

These three designs have proved a very successful family cruiser/racer initially for around the Hauraki Gulf.

In recent years, the Townson 32’s have spread as far south as Christchurch and north to Whangaroa, successfully racing and cruising in these waters. Some were slightly modified to comply with New Zealand’s Offshore Safety category and have raced and cruised to Australia, Fiji and New Caledonia as excellent fast offshore vessels, ideal for tropical cruising.  

The sheer line and proportions of the Townson 32 have attained an attraction and a beauty that attaches to good design. Described as a ”dancing” yacht, the Townson 32 has a high reputation as an excellent windward performer, sailing fast and high in a wide range of wind strengths and always beautifully balanced. A sailing pleasure.

The profile shows a compact, sweet line from the distinctive bow to the stern.

The Townson 32 attains hull speed quickly in light winds and carries her sails into a high wind range, maintaining a high average hull speed. The stern section makes for an excellent cruising concept with no slapping noise emanating from choppy water while at anchor. The bow sections are still fine enough that pounding into a head sea is rare.

Most Townson 32’s are set up for 5 or 6 berths with the engine forward under the mast to centralize weight giving deep propeller thrust in bouncy water.

The main cabin provides about 5’10’’ headroom. The hulls are two skin diagonally planked kauri with many fiber glassed over the outside for durability.

Steering the Townson 32 is a delight. The helm is beautifully balanced for finger- tip touch even in fresh wind conditions and there is little potential for rounding up or going out of control. Long comfortable hours of steering are to be looked forward to in this very sea kindly design.

With a high ballast ratio, the Townson 32’s will carry their sail long after most other designs have reduced sail and they maintain high constant hull speeds easily.

With a design that is now over forty years old, the Townson 32’s are a modern classic and a design that is near to “perfection”.

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