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Welcome to the Townson Owners and Townson 32 Association website!

Here you will find out about the Association, what it offers, an identity page on the keelboat designs of Des Townson and a history of the 3 Townson 32 designs. We offer valuable guides to sailing your Townson yacht with tuning, sailing and cruising guides and other helpful information.

The original Townson Owners Association was formed in 1974 when the 3 Townson 32 designs took prominence and became the Townson 32 Owners Association in 1980. In about 1981, a Townson 34 Association was formed that lasted for a while before going into recess. Some of these members ultimately joined the Townson 32 Association. and the Townson Owners Association was later formed in conjunction with the Townson 32 Association under one organisation. Some Townson owners have moved on to other boats or retired from boating and have wished to remain in contact as Associate members.

What do we do?

*Provide in depth knowledge on sailing and maintaining these Townson designs from the vast experience of so many long term owners.

*Provide regular newsletters on activities, cruising guides that include navigating around the Hauraki Gulf, stories and philosophical meanderings.

*Provide an Annual Townson booklet with current boat owners and general information to members.

*Organise a yearly sailing and social programme for members including our Annual Altex & Burnsco Townson 32 Class Championships and a Townson Design regatta.

Contact us:

Complete the following form or send Tony an email direct, and he will respond asap!


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Tony Kendall

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31A Takutai Ave

Bucklands Beach

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